Sunday, December 9, 2012

Un-Herd Christmas 2012

I never expected these mixes to become an annual event, seeing as I'm generally a foot soldier on the front lines waging the War on Xmas™ (thanks Fox News), but the truth of it is I'm grateful for almost any yuletide music that takes me away from the execrable traditional tunage that assaults us from every angle once the last Thanksgiving turkey gets slaughtered on the altar of rising cholesterol levels.

Which means I've found another hour + of seasonal music that's actually worth listening to - all with an overt Christmas theme (if a sometimes less than rosy attitude towards such). So turn it up, make the kids and grandfolks cry, and good luck getting through these dark, noxious few weeks of forced sentimentality. Just remember: all good Christians will be back to cheering the execution of retarded prisoners, denying science, and assassinating doctors once January comes around.

Nobody's Supposed to be Happy - It's Christmas

1. The Barbecuties (It's Gonna Be a) Rock & Roll Christmas Party
2. The JAC Merry Christmas (Around the World)
3. Diamond Dogs Sweethearts for Christmas
4. Gruff Rhys Post Apocalypse Christmas
5. Cirrone Christmas Sun
6. My Marning Jocket Please Come Home For Xmas
7. The Genuine Fakes All I Want For Christmas
8. Roman Candle It's Christmas, Go On and Say Hello
9. Psychotic Youth Another Christmas
10. The Villas Little St. Nick
11. The Fleshtones Hooray For Santa Claus
12. The Sonics Santa Claus
13. Needles//Pins Armenian Christmas
14. The Yule Logs Christmas Lights
15. Randy Bochman Takin' Care of Christmas
16. John Moreland & the Dust Bowl Souls Christmas Lights
17. Mondo Diao Christmas Could Have Been Good
18. Joey Ramone Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
19. Blue Skies For Black Hearts Maybe Next Christmas
20. Pat Todd & the RankOutsiders Christmas Day